The Hides is an Australian owned and operated leather accessories company, proudly crafting bags, smalls and footwear in our Sydney workrooms. 

Launched in 2017, The Hides was founded and helmed by Australian Rachelle Dendle Crerar.  Rachelle has been in the fashion industry for quite some time, gathering a rich wealth of insights into what women like and don’t like to wear on their arm/s and feet.


Quality is everything to us. The Hides are awesome products and we are proud to say that we manufacture in Sydney, Australia. By hand. Every single piece. 

The Hides philosophy is rooted in simple, precisely focused design and quality construction, with a genuine commitment to sustainable Australian manufacturing. 

With small, exclusive production runs determined by the availability of our highly covetable, distinctive leathers, each product embraces the perfect serendipity of its hide - Tricolour, Rich Blacks and Milky Whites - ensuring every piece is entirely unique.