Olga Berg

Continuing the legacy of its founder, Polish immigrant Olga Lippman, OLGA BERG is under the guardianship of Creative Director Kelly Lippman and Olga’s son Mark. Kelly travels the world regularly to ensure that the brand stays at the forefront of fashion and is focused on enticing stylish young women with fresh and exciting reasons to interact with the OLGA BERG brand each season.

OLGA BERG captures the essence of global fashion trends, interpreting them with stunning individuality and a unique Australian flavour. OLGA BERG’s collections are renowned for their adventurous use of colour and beautiful embellishment. Every collection is composed with true elegance of thought, intricacy of texture, and the ingenious balance of classic and innovative design.

Intrinsically feminine, OLGA BERG is utterly in touch with her sparkly side. She is elegant, understated and perhaps a little cheeky. She takes her accessories very seriously knowing that little things, carefully selected, can make a big difference.

Although inspired by fashion, the OLGA BERG woman has her own unique sense of personal style. She is spirited and ageless and likes to keep pace with emerging trends, appreciates great design and demands well-styled, quality products.

What started out as one woman’s passion for beautiful things in 1987, OLGA BERG has become an international go to destination for special occasion handbags and accessories. A favourite with home grown celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins, Ashley Hart, Nadia Bartel, Rachael Finch, Jessica Hart, Beccy Panozza, Bree Laughlin and Dannii Minogue, OLGA BERG now has her sights set on glamorising the world one country at a time.