June 26, 2017

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We love our cool-girl boots and our cute little pumps, but have you ever wondered what your choice of shoes says about you? Check out what these experts and researchers believe your shoe choice says about you. Some are what you’d expect, others are totally out there. 

Your Shoes Are A Barometer Of Your Confidence Level

The type of shoes you wear is a good indication of your overall level of confidence. The more flamboyant your choice, the cockier you are. The more sensible, the more down to Earth you appear to be. If you make a habit of wearing high-heeled sandals, then you’re more comfortable about flaunting the flesh. If you love wearing closed-toe shoes, then you’re more reserved – at least according to men. 

Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman says that women who wear wedges and wide heels appear a little more “middle of the road”: neither too outgoing nor too reserved. However, the wider and shorter the shoe, the more insecure you appear. 

More laid back women wear ballerina flats, Lieberman continues. They are an indication that you prioritize comfort over style. Wearing flip-flops when you’re not going to the beach is also a sign that you’re not all that concerned about what you wear on your feet. You’re free-wheeling in your shoe choice and perhaps in other aspects of your life.

Your Shoes Indicate Your Personality Type 

Lieberman says that women who wear the brightest shoes unsurprisingly have the loudest personality types. They tend to be risk-taking extroverts who love to have people around them at all times. More extravagant shoes, however, might indicate that you’re high maintenance. Lieberman says that women who wear bright neon pumps or pink sandals often mean that you’re the sort of person who likes a lot of attention, especially from the opposite sex.

What about if you love your sneakers? What does that say about your personality? According to Lieberman, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re laid back. In fact, it could mean that you take exercise very seriously and that you’re committed to your sports or gym routine. Wearing sports shoes says that you’re ready for action whatever the day might throw at you. 

Your Personal Brand

The amount of money you spend on shoes also says a lot about you.  If you’re wearing $800 designer pumps then, according to celebrity stylist Christa Scherck, you’re a woman who wants to invest in herself and values her personal brand.

How the money is spent, Scherck says, matters a lot. Women who spend a lot of money on closed-toe high heels are more likely to value their work. If, however, you make a habit of wearing expensive riding boots, then there’s a good chance that you’re the type of person who just loves to splurge on life’s luxuries.

Well, what do you think your shoes say about you? Do you prefer ballerinas or maybe sneakers is your everyday shoe? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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